By PJ O’Connor, President, OC Reilly Inc.

(Dec. 19, 2022)–When I think of my father making the leap into a decidedly new and novel venture some 17 years ago, armed with nothing but a great idea and lot of belief, it inspires me to carry on and advance the company that he formed from scratch along with the support of many critical people along the way.

Such a family legacy carries much weight and even greater responsibility.  But the team we have assembled here – another family, in many ways – proves over and over that the future of this firm is strong, durable, and ready to grow even more.

As we approach the end of the year, with its many holiday traditions and well-wishes, it’s good to look back at where we came from, and forward to where we still want to go.  All in all, as Jimmy Stewart so memorably reminds us every year around this time, it truly is a wonderful life when you have great people around you. This goes beyond just the team we have and into the great people and organizations we have the privilege of serving.

From everyone at OC Reilly, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, with many blessings of health, happiness, family, and friends throughout the new year.