By Bill O’Connor, Founder and Principal, OC Reilly, Inc.

(Dec. 18, 2023)—And just like that, another year of hard work, building and expanding on great relationships, enjoying our successes and improving on areas where we can do better, nears its close.

Over the span of 2023, our team has explored new avenues of service to customers across the country.  At the same time, we have kept a tight focus on providing the longstanding level of quality attention and innovative ideas to those customers who have been our foundation for many years.

For all of these gifts, and especially at Christmastime, we are grateful.

Along with our gratitude comes the annual commitment to make the year ahead even better, stronger, and more value-rich for existing customers and those we haven’t even met yet.  Forward motion, always.  That has been our credo from the founding of this organization nearly 20 years ago, and it remains so today.  You deserve nothing less than our best efforts.  That is our Christmas gift to you, and one that lasts the whole year through.

As Christmas approaches, I speak for our president, PJ O’Connor, and the entire team at OC Reilly when I offer our heartfelt wishes for a safe, blessed, restful, and rewarding time with family and friends.  The coming of Christ into the world marked a turning point in history.  We are changed forever, through this greatest of all gifts.

Merry Christmas!

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