OC Reilly Inc. can raise the quality of healthcare while lowering your overall costs, through the applied knowledge and first-hand experience our team brings to advanced supply chain management practices. Explore our website and learn more about how your organization may benefit from our expertise, our proven people, and our recognized value.

OC Reilly comprises a team of experienced advisors in world-class supply chain solutions in key areas of economic impact affecting health care systems, long-term care facilities, institutions of education and other industry finances – to generate impressive returns on investment for administrators of these organizations.

Biomedical / Clinical Engineering

Providing the highest quality patient care through the cost-effective use of biomedical technology and clinical operations, amid a changing economic environment.  OC Reilly can assist through:

  • Providing a strategic plan specific to any facility, after performing an audit.
  • Reducing current service contract spend by providing alternative equipment coverage options.
  • Reducing the cost of repair parts and procurement to include time and materials.
  • Improving current in-house biomedical operations and augmenting best practices.
  • Customizing services to meet your unique situation and assist with long-term planning strategies, technology assessment, service, and support.
Perioperative Logistics / Sterile Processing

Perioperative Logistics

Health care administrators struggle with the high and increasing costs of surgical suite operations. They want streamlined workflow processes to achieve improved performance and reduced operating expenses.  OC Reilly has enabled health care systems to achieve this goal through:

  • Increasing product standardization.
  • Reviewing and implementing inventory management practices.
  • Delivering improved workflow processes and operating plans.
  • Emphasizing materials flow, staffing, and equipment.
  • Designing new or re-designing existing operations using computer-aided designs.
  • Evaluating material handling and storage equipment.
  • Developing and implementing training and operational assistance.
  • Providing interim management, warehouse automation, point-of-use logistics, and transportation solutions.

Sterile Processing

Regulators have specifications and standards that must be met.   The OC Reilly team has decades of first-hand proven experience in developing and implementing instrument management systems that meet these requirements including:

  • Expertise with high-level disinfection and sterilization of complex surgical instrumentation and flexible endoscopes per manufacturer’s instructions for use.
  • Technician competencies for the reprocessing and re-sterilization of procedural instrumentation and endoscopes.
  • Reduction in Immediate Use Sterilization (IUS) – only required when instruments need sterilized during use in the operating room in emergent situations.
  • Assisting health care providers to coordinate instrument sterilization efforts using a single centralized facility, saving thousands of dollars in on-site infrastructure investment.
Physician Preference Initiatives (PPI)

OC Reilly will assess the current spend in major PPI categories (Cardiac stents, orthopedic joints, spinal implants, etc.) to determine savings opportunities and work with clients to achieve the identified savings by: 

  • Using a unique and proven approach, work with the clinical communities to gain the support of physicians and clinical leadership for each category.
  • Providing a strategic plan specific to each category.
  • Reducing current spend by implementing a commitment and compliance program to realize bottom-line improvement.
Sourcing and Contracting

With the support of client executive leadership, OCR can serve as the primary sourcing and contracting (S&C) arm. This can provide our clients with the four primary pillars of a firm, fair, and aggressive S&C team through:


  • Day-to-day management of spend activity
  • Building and managing sourcing strategies to fit the goals of the organization
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Staffing
  • Product Acquisition Management (PAM) process implementation


  • Negotiate best in class terms
  • Establish and maintain an effective contract repository
  • Manage vendor activity and compliance

Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

  • Control GPO relationships
  • Explore additional collaboration opportunities
  • Maximize beneficial GPO opportunities

Bottom Line Improvement (BLI)

  • Implement cost management strategies
  • Develop key performance indicators (KPI) and reporting
  • Achieve and track success
Supply Chain Solutions

OC Reilly knows that a well-managed supply chain using similar principles in healthcare, long-term care, institutions of education, and other industries will produce returns at every level of the organization, and can improve a balance sheet through:

  • Identifying supply chain strategies specific to a facility’s needs, recognizing market realities with the goal of increasing revenue and reducing cost.
  • Performing in-depth analysis of sourcing, contracting, procurement, inventory management, logistics and distribution, and customer service.
  • Deploying proprietary tools and methods to provide timely, cost-effective solutions to improve supply chain needs.
  • Using a firm, fair, and aggressive approach to developing and managing contracts and supplier relationships.

The team of experts at OC Reilly provides supply chain solutions including but not limited to:

    • Energy Maximization—OC Reilly is a resource for any institution or business to control energy costs. Clients can be assisted to maximize savings with the purchase and management of their gas, electric, demand response, and rebate programs.
      • Food and Environmental Services—These areas can also represent a significant spend, but the intricacies of the industry and hidden areas of waste can bedevil the best managers. OC Reilly brings first-hand expertise earned in the food and environmental services industry to assist health care systems, institutions of education, long-term care facilities, and other industries to improve quality and reduce costs through:
        1. Conducting in-depth analysis of all existing contracts and providers.
        2. Reviewing staff performance, food quality and presentation, working conditions, and adherence to health regulations.
        3. Providing detailed recommendations on improved workflow processes, operating plans, and changes to contractual agreements as necessary.
        4. Working on-site to implement recommended improvements alongside the food service management and staff.
        • Pharmacy Services and Contracting—Health care providers face continuous issues keeping their inventory of pharmaceuticals maintained at sufficient levels, while balancing the need to keep costs under control.  OC Reilly offers attractive solutions to health care pharma customers, including:
          1. Securing lower prices for pharmaceuticals by bidding through wholesale distributors on behalf of healthcare customers.
          2. Participating in both regional and national group purchasing organizations as appropriate, is another means of purchasing pharmaceuticals at lower  costs for healthcare customers.
          3. Applying first-person expertise from the pharmaceutical industry, providing assurance that best available terms in pricing, inventory control, distribution, and payment will be sought and secured.
          4. Purchased Services—This area represents significant spend and effect on the bottom line. When addressed, the results can be astounding.  These services are typically performed or obtained by persons or companies other than employees.  Generally, these types of services are not available internally and may be required on an interim basis.  The broad areas of focus may include clinical, facility, and general operation.

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