By Vicki White, Vice President, Operations, OC Reilly, Inc.

(Sept. 18, 2023)—As our customers already know, OC Reilly provides analytical and advisory services to organizations looking to increase efficiency, lower costs, and maintain quality in their offerings.

And while we have built our reputation primarily in the health care services field, the principles we follow – and that our customers have benefited from for nearly two decades strong – apply just as powerfully across many other fields, including the rapidly changing world of higher education.

At OC Reilly, there are no cookie-cutters.  When we engage with our customers, our team has a proven track record of quickly getting to the heart of specific issues, opportunities, and solutions.  Every engagement stands on its own, to identify and maximize improvements in contracting, supply sourcing, compliance, operational efficiency, and reduced expenses – all while enabling our customers to sustain the brand attributes that make them distinct in the marketplace.

In health care, as mentioned, we have guided major hospital systems in consolidating their purchasing practices, we have overseen the overhaul of inventory systems, we have led improved practices in surgical equipment sterilization, we have set up and managed major regional distribution centers for processing and placing supplies, we have streamlined operations and helped enhance the nutritional value of food service offerings for staff and patients – and these are only a small sampling of positive outcomes the OC Reilly team has provided.

As higher education experiences upheaval and redefinition in the post-pandemic era, the applied experience of OC Reilly can certainly guide colleges and universities in achieving the same kind of improved operations, reduced costs, and sustained high standards.

We have the expertise and track record to coordinate efforts by regional schools to pool their bargaining power, for instance, achieving savings in scale and scope for commonly used supplies, food service-related items, contracted services, and much more.

The lessons learned from our in-depth first-hand experience in achieving maximum efficiencies and savings in supply chain management can and will work regardless of the industry in question.  That includes higher education, where containing costs while maintaining high standards has never been quite so critical in attracting and retaining students.

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