By PJ O’Connor, President, OC Reilly, Inc.

(Sept. 29, 2022)—Each year, the importance of health care supply chain professionals is observed during National Health Care Supply Chain Week.  This year’s special observance occurs the week of October 2 – 8, 2022.  The entire team at OC Reilly enthusiastically endorses this opportunity to express our respect and appreciation for the scores of health care professionals with whom we are honored to work all year long.

To the average person, the exceptional contributions made by health care supply chain employees mostly go unnoticed.  Interestingly, that is often a sign of success – knowing that whatever equipment, supplies, food service products, or a hundred other items required to provide high quality and reliable patient care are always there, on time, easily accessible, and obtained at a fair price.

Also tucked behind the curtains is the fact that our hospital supply chain infrastructures are far from robust in comparison to supply chains in other industries. That makes our debt to the individuals who take on this daily significant challenge in health care even more significant.

We are extremely proud to collaborate with supply chain professionals who ensure that clinicians have access to essential medical products, so they can deliver life-saving care to their patients.  It is our privilege to provide trusted advisory services as our customers perform their essential functions around the clock, every day of the year.

Please join the OC Reilly team in conveying our thanks for a job well done during National Health Care Supply Chain Week, 2022.

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