By John Jones, Director, Strategic Projects, and Erin Yeager, Senior Analyst, Pharmacy and Supply Chain, OC Reilly, Inc.

(August 1, 2022)–Think “health care supply chain,” and immediately images of medical supplies, needles, gauze, surgical instruments, and the like, spring to mind.  The fact remains, however, as extremely complex organizations, hospitals and healthcare organizations require a full spectrum of products and services, all of which do (or should) become the responsibility of a strong supply chain operation.

As health care supply chain experts, the team at OC Reilly has proven its value to multiple customers in improving efficiency, reliability, and cost when it comes to purely medical / surgical supply items.

But more and more of our customers are taking greater advantage of our vast expertise in identifying and coordinating an appropriate array of purchased services to supplement their operations.  That’s where we’re unique.  We’ve assessed, secured, and introduced purchased services largely through contracted cost savings many times before, and for some of the largest, most respected health systems in the nation.

The purchased services process begins with a cost-savings assessment, where OC Reilly asks for all appropriate data to see where opportunities may exist to improve financial performance in ancillary, but key, areas including:

  • Biomedical / Clinical Engineering
  • Courier services
  • Utilities (Electric, natural gas, etc.)
  • E-payables
  • Food service
  • Pharmaceutical Contracting
  • Physician Preference Items (PPI)
  • Waste management

By starting with this careful analysis of each customer’s unique situation and circumstances, OC Reilly applies its knowledge and perspective to serve that customer’s needs.  Every engagement is customized and unique, but powered by the consistent ability of OC Reilly professionals to determine and implement the right solutions.

In the current economic climate, hospitals and health systems need to manage their resources very carefully.  Leveraging contracted cost savings in areas such as these opens the door to achieving that goal.

 The OC Reilly team brings actual first-hand knowledge and experience from the customer perspective.  We don’t work from theory; we are experienced health care system supply chain operators.  This translates into instant credibility, giving customers greater confidence in our guidance and counsel.

OC Reilly has built a solid reputation and carved a niche for providing such successful purchased services arrangements, so much so that other consulting firms have approached us to support their work on behalf of their customers.  Let us know if your organization could benefit from our ability to introduce you to contracted cost-savings opportunities.

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