(May 6, 2022)—OC Reilly Inc., a leading provider of expert advisory services to the health care supply chain industry, recently named PJ O’Connor as President of the firm, succeeding company founder Bill O’Connor, who will retain the title of Chief Executive Officer.

As part of the strategic reorganization, a new position of Executive Director of Business Intelligence also has been established, with OC Reilly veteran Nick McKinney being named to that post.

Founded in 2005, OC Reilly Inc. offers expert guidance and onsite assistance to major health care systems to achieve improved financial performance through more efficient operational activities and practices, while always safeguarding the quality of patient care.  The firm has grown, both financially and geographically, since its inception and serves major health care systems, long-term care facilities, and other businesses in numerous regions of the U.S.

“It has been very gratifying to see that our approach to customer service, based on applying first-hand knowledge and experience, has always proven to be the best way to go, no matter what may be happening to our customers at any given time,” said Bill O’Connor, who as CEO will continue to provide leadership and facilitate strategic direction.  “It became apparent that, at this phase of our company’s evolution, the time was right for PJ to take the day-to-day reins of operations.”

“From day one, my father established an extremely high standard of excellence that defines OC Reilly and has become our tradition,” said PJ O’Connor, whose responsibilities include pursuing new business opportunities, managing client teams, and implementing strategy.  “It is my privilege to work with the great team of high-energy experts to carry on and grow that tradition every single day.”

As Executive Director of Business Intelligence, McKinney will utilize his expertise and experience with the firm to guide their overall technology strategy, including analytics, information management, cyber security, device management, and business systems. “Our reputation for best practice and our hands on approach requires a modern and reliable technology strategy, capable of evolving for our clients and our business,” he said.