By Bill O’Connor, President and CEO, OC Reilly Inc.

(April 19, 2021)–The long-term care (LTC) industry provides incredible levels of care and comfort to residents and their families, while also working diligently to manage costs and keep the quality of care high. The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the importance and responsibilities of LTC facilities even more.

Actively engaging in supply chain management represents a means to achieve this critical objective. LTC administrators who have been cautious about exploring this option very deeply may be missing an attractive and sustainable opportunity right before their eyes.

According to industry leaders, careful planning and flexibility across LTC providers is essential, realizing that the health status of their residents can change quickly – especially among vulnerable populations like the elderly. The needs of these patients can’t be changed, but the ways in which LTC providers can, by adapting quickly if the right systems are in place. Through strategic supply chain management, taking into account conditions, orders can be adjusted based on need, avoiding costly expirations and wasted supplies among other benefits.

Some specific benefits from an LTC supply chain management approach include:

  • Smaller, more tightly controlled lists of products on order let LTC facilities create smaller unit volume shipments to those locations without loading docks. Instead of waiting for monthly bulk supplies, they can order as the need increases.
  • Solutions-oriented services allow LTC facilities to avoid automated process-driven ordering.
  • Versatility in the services provided creates a relationship where distributors become true partners in the LTC business.
  • Creating customized orders for each nursing station / facility with a tailored online ordering process.

LTC providers pride themselves on superior care for their residents. By practicing solid, well-crafted and executed supply chain management, LTC administrators can also take pride in doing so in a sustainable, cost-effective manner.

The professionals at OC Reilly can offer proven, experience-based guidance in this area.

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