By Ed Moran, Director, Supply Chain, OC Reilly Inc.

(April 5, 2021)—Every now and then, even the most accomplished teams need a hand to get through unanticipated or suddenly overwhelming challenges.

That’s when the bench strength of advisory firms like OC Reilly can step into the breach and offer engaged insight to get the customer back on more solid footing.

We faced such a scenario recently, when a major health system needed to sustain supply chain operations, maintain staff morale, and seek operational improvements during a transformation to centralized operations – all without having a full-time manager in place. All this, while the COVID-19 pandemic and its many associated issues – most notably a drop in revenues and a rise in equipment expenses – began to rage.

OC Reilly agreed to lend my services as a bridge manager during this turbulent phase. We began by prioritizing staff motivation and morale by reducing pressure, and involving the team to deliver solutions by taking ownership. With people feeling included and respected, the logistical tactics needed to weather the supply chain and inventory management storm became easier to administer.

By the time a permanent manager had been hired, this health system saw a more focused vision, achieved a reduction in overall supply-chain related costs, and quicker decision-making and implementation of plans by fostering an environment based on transparent leadership.

None of us is as smart as all of us. Reach out to the professionals at OC Reilly for guidance, advice, and the occasional onsite assignment. That’s why we’re here, and there’s nothing we enjoy more than working with our customers to build their success.

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