By John Jones, Director, Strategic Projects, OC Reilly, Inc.

(March 22, 2021)—When a team of experts like OC Reilly works alongside a client, new ideas and practices are many times introduced. At some point, then, the client needs to assume control and operation of those new concepts. That makes instruction, shared experiences, and training all essential parts of a successful hand-off for long-term success.

Mentoring fits into this process in an important way. OCR spends a lot of time providing solutions and support to help transition a healthcare entity to new ways of managing supply chain. Clean room conversions, purchasing, and logistics all fall under this umbrella. Enhancements we introduce are meant to result in increased service levels and lower costs, but occasionally teams in place at the client level may not have the skillset to implement and sustain these changes.

One major client had experienced significant challenges due to lack of space and staff, mainly due to Covid-19. It struggled to keep up with longstanding operational challenges, let alone implementing new practices. The result was a daily scramble to put out fires, with staff and management becoming frustrated and anxious.

In the spirit of commitment, the OCR team provided a number of tools to assist this client’s management to improve operations, focusing on planning, proactive management, effective communication and execution – complete with background and training materials to ensure comprehension and retention of key concepts and how they need to be carried out.

This type of experience-driven mentoring from the OCR team has helped numerous clients achieve improvement in the supply chain process. It’s all a part of the comprehensive commitment to our clients’ long-term success that we work to deliver. Contact us so that we can learn more about your operations.

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