By Mark Lunz, Executive Director, Perioperative Logistics, OC Reilly, Inc.

(Feb. 8, 2021)—The surgical suite at any hospital is like the Main Stage, the place where the highest-stakes, highest-profile activity can occur. And just like leading up to a big performance, the equipment and logistics need to be orchestrated with precision, expert care, and the utmost quality by a highly competent staff.

Of course, applying such top-shelf standards can translate into an expensive undertaking if one is not careful. That is why applying clear supply chain principles to the surgical suite – instituted with input from the staff directly responsible for carrying them out every day – can be incredibly important and valuable to a health care provider’s performance.

Health care administrators can occasionally struggle with the high and increasing costs of surgical suite operations. They want streamlined workflow processes to achieve improved performance and reduced operating expenses, of course. Getting there takes some guidance and having a respected third-party liaison to serve as a bridge between administrators and staff can help tremendously.

OC Reilly has worked alongside many health care systems to offer tailored plans to achieve this goal through tactics including:

  • Increasing product standardization.
  • Reviewing and implementing inventory management practices.
  • Delivering improved workflow processes and operating plans.
  • Emphasizing materials flow, staffing, and equipment.
  • Designing new or re-designing existing operations using computer-aided designs.
  • Evaluating material handling and storage equipment.
  • Developing and implementing training and operational assistance.
  • Providing interim management, warehouse automation, point-of-use logistics, and transportation solutions.

The essence of effective supply chain comes down to understanding how your purchasing and inventory decisions have been made, looking for ways to streamline the process and lower the overall costs, while maintaining the level of quality your staff expects and your patients deserve. When done well, it makes beautiful music for your organization.

Contact the team at OC Reilly for ideas on how to enhance the cost-efficiency of your particular health care system by applying proven supply chain strategies.

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