By Bill O’Connor, President and CEO, OC Reilly Inc.

(December 21, 2020)–As the year nears its end, it again reminds us of the many blessings we share, most notably the honor of working with so many wonderful customers and friends.

While the year we’re about to complete has been like few others in any of our memories, it has been very similar in all of the most meaningful ways.

We have provided guidance and assistance in facilitating improvements in our clients’ financial performance while maintaining quality patient care.

We have continued our commitment to professional development and continuous learning, so that our services can better anticipate trends and issues.

And we have expanded our reach both geographically and with our areas of expertise, to serve even more customers.

It all adds up to a year overflowing with gifts that outweigh even the significant challenges we all have had to face. And for that, we offer our sincerest and deepest thanks.

From everyone at OC Reilly, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and may we all enjoy a blessed, healthy, and prosperous 2021.

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