(Oct. 5, 2020)—Fifteen years ago, a widening gap met an explosive idea. A seasoned professional, with decades of experience in health care supply chain management under his belt, saw the potential and launched a revolutionary idea called OC Reilly, Inc. (OCR).

Blending a team of supply chain experts with first-hand knowledge of how the process could – and should – work within health care systems, and offering that unique perspective to industry leaders trying to solve those challenging issues, OCR and its founder, president and CEO Bill O’Connor brought a fresh approach to health care supply chain management.

To date, the OCR team has saved its customers across the nation millions of dollars – all while working to ensure that patient care and quality never suffer.

Fittingly, OCR marks this 15th anniversary during National Health Care Supply Chain Week, which runs from Oct. 4 through 11. Supply Chain Week magazine defines the commemoration as a week to recognize and celebrate “hard-working health care supply chain professionals for their selfless dedication to high-quality patient care and exceptional contributions to their health care organizations and communities.”

“It can be easy to take for granted after 15 years what Bill did by starting this company, adding incredible value to scores of customers, and providing a good living to those of us fortunate enough to be a part of this team,” said Vicki White, Vice President, Operations, who has been on board since OCR’s inception.

“It’s only fitting that this anniversary coincides with National Health Care Supply Chain Week,” White continued. “Fifteen years ago, after a very successful career at UPMC, Bill took a leap of faith. Drawing on his expertise, he began a company to assist other major health care systems and long-term care facilities achieve the same excellence in their supply chain efforts and overall financial health.

“He recruited some of his finest colleagues to join him in this journey,” she said.  “Thanks to Bill, and many satisfied clients later, we now have a team of subject matter experts who share Bill’s vision of providing firm, fair, and aggressive support, and who work to make it a reality with our customers every day.  In turn, Bill has nurtured substantial careers across the OCR team, and has enabled us to provide for our families within an enjoyable, hard-working, and respectful team-based company.”