By Vicki L. White, VP, Business Operations, OC Reilly, Inc.

(Sept. 16, 2019)—Health care supply chain is not sexy.

That’s just the harsh, cold truth of the matter. But without smart, efficient, workable supply chain systems in place, health care organizations would suffer. So while it may not have much sex appeal, supply chain remains inescapable and essential. The iceberg lettuce before the ice cream, one might say.

The challenge for the industry today comes in convincing young people to pursue careers in supply chain. Dave Reed of Cook Medical, in a piece found in the July/August 2019 edition of Supply Chain Strategies and Solutions, says, “In my experience, health care has not been front of mind for students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in supply chain or more seasoned individuals who have been in the workforce and are now earning advanced degrees. We are missing out on a major opportunity by not promoting health care as a career path for these future leaders.

“Health care can’t afford to sit back and wait for these students to come to them,” Reed continues. “We need to be front and center, partnering with educational institutions to educate the next generation on the role of supply chain in health care, why our industry needs their talent and ideas, and what we can offer them in terms of a dynamic and rewarding career path.”

At OC Reilly, we take this idea to heart, hosting interns regularly – many of whom have joined our team as full-time employees once they have completed their degree programs. We have seen – and most important, our clients have benefitted from – the interaction of experienced OC Reilly professionals with the energy and fresh ideas brought by our younger affiliates.

“By blending the expertise of current leaders who have advanced the field to where it is today with up-and-coming individuals who have knowledge of the latest supply chain thinking and technologies, health care will be well-positioned to meet the diverse needs of the future, and do so in a strategic, sustainable way,” Reed concludes.

We couldn’t agree more.

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