By George M. Vunovic, Executive Vice President Technology, OC Reilly

(Oct. 8, 2018)—We live in a disposable society. We have become accustomed to using appliances, tools, cars, and equipment until it breaks or gives out, then we purchase a replacement.

That disposable approach can be improved upon when it comes to medical equipment and other major institutional items. It can pay important dividends to get ahead of your equipment, taking a proactive instead of reactive stance.

In the May 2018 edition of Healthcare Financial Management Association magazine, an article titled “Why age is not enough: A better approach to equipment replacement” offers a number of salient observations and practical steps to increase the shelf life and ultimate return on investment of major equipment.

Some of the article’s main points include: A proactive approach to replacement planning can help leaders promote standardization, reduce costs, and improve quality and safety.

Replacement planning discussions should consider the health of the asset, risks associated with it, the extent to which it is utilized, and costs associated with it. Long-range replacement planning can help leaders negotiate better prices with equipment vendors.

The article also advises that “Instead of waiting until an asset breaks, leaders should establish contracts for multiple assets over several years to get the best price and promote a better partnership,” and “By embracing proactive replacement planning, leaders can more confidently make decisions that positively affect the bottom line as well as the health of patients.”

Effective supply chain management as well as solid biomedical and clinical engineering encompasses more than getting the best price from vendors; it also includes making the most of what you have on hand now. Proactive replacement planning represents one way to accomplish this important mission.

The professionals at OC Reilly can help survey the status of your equipment assets, and develop a strategy to improve current performance while planning for the day when new purchases are needed.

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