OC Reilly Blog: The Words May Be Different, But the Song’s the Same

By Vicki White, Executive Director, Business Operations, OC Reilly Inc.


At our practice, OC Reilly Inc., we take a lot of pride in the quality of work we provide to our clients.

Most of our associates “cut their teeth,” so to speak, in the healthcare industry, and that’s the source from which of the majority of our work continues to flow.  As experts in supply chain management, we regularly assist healthcare system administrators identify opportunities to achieve higher cost-efficiencies, negotiate better contracts, establish purchasing protocols and processes that benefit the organization, along with many more strategic and tactical ideas – all of which yield tangible bottom-line improvements.

But while much of our record of success is tied to the healthcare industry, it doesn’t begin and end there.  The same principles that work with a hospital system, work just as powerfully across multiple industries and applications, as well. 

For example, large retail chains are always looking for ways to reduce inventory, make their shipping more effective, achieve higher rates of just-in-time deliveries, and push management of their supply chain to the peak of efficiency.

Business operations – from mid-sized companies to the largest corporations – consider cost control as a key part of maximizing profits and returns to shareholders.  Even educational systems have major purchasing issues and other supply chain concerns.

The experience and supply chain savvy that has helped our healthcare clients so much can be – and, more and more, actually is – enabling clients from the wider spectrum of industries and applications see the same positive results.  It’s really only a simple matter of applying a proven approach to a new environment.

Or, to put it another way, the words may be different, but the song’s the same.