Ryan T. Kincaid

Operations Analyst

As Operations Analyst with OC Reilly, Ryan brings energy and fresh thinking to clients, drawn from insights and experience achieved working in advisory and supervisory roles in supply chain and inventory management organizations prior to joining the firm.

At OCR, he has played a key role in coordinating the setup and transition of clean supply rooms, maximizing space utilization, right-sizing inventory, and ensuring a seamless functional flow. Ryan regularly creates process flow systems by identifying all elements of the customer’s business operation, then eliminating areas of waste, all with the end goal of delivering quality patient care. He earned a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management at Duquesne University.

“In a lot of ways, supply chain management is the unsung hero of our clients’ business operations,” Ryan said. “I find it very personally fulfilling to be on the inside of those challenges, working to arrive at innovative solutions to improve their results while keep their quality of service high. I’m not sure you could ask more from a job than that.”

Ryan resides in the Southside, a neighborhood of Pittsburgh, and enjoys spending time with friends and family.”

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