Raymond G. Clegg

Director, Logistical Operations

As Director of Logistical Operations, Ray works with clients to achieve cost efficiencies from the supply chain through to point-of-use, leading to improved cash flow at every point of the healthcare delivery process.

He brings more than two decades of experience and perspective to identify and eliminate obsolete and outdated approaches to inventory control, assisting hospital administrators achieve significant cash flow improvement and savings in distribution, warehousing, and other areas.

He thrives in hands-on work side by side with our clients finding the root of the issue and correcting it from the bottom to the top as well as how to continue the new processes moving forward to achieve additional bottom line improvement.

“The customers I’ve worked with over the years may have different specific issues they’re looking for help to work through, but they all come down to essentially the same thing – they’re hungry for ideas on how they can better improve their processes,” said Ray. “That’s why the best part of my job is the feeling of working as a team with our customers, to help them perform better.”

In his spare time he enjoys running with his German Shepherd, Anya.

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