Lauren S. Armstrong

Business Intelligence Analyst

As Business Intelligence Analyst with OC Reilly Inc., Lauren draws upon years of health care and supply chain data experience to design and improve analytical solutions, tools, and models to meet business objectives tailored to specific client needs.

Lauren has established a record of successfully incorporating various perspectives to craft data-driven stories leading to strategic decisions. She will work with OC Reilly clients to validate processes, audit report development against detail level data, effectively summarize health care data, and cost improvement opportunities. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University, a master’s degree from Georgetown University, and several certifications from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

“Clients tell me they appreciate the way I can guide them to streamline and automate workflows, allowing employees to redirect their energy to improve their business,” Lauren said. “The fact that I’ve worked in industries outside of health care provides a wider perspective that I think our clients find valuable.  When not on the job, some of my favorite activities include golf, skiing, painting, and knitting.”

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